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Full main dealer servicing available

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Air conditioning is one of those features which modern motorists take for granted. When it breaks down, particularly in the warm summer months here in Hampshire, you'll realise just how much you rely on it!


Did you know that air conditioning systems typically lose approximately 10% of their gas each year? Despite this, it is not something that is regularly checked by most garages when carrying out an MOT or routine service. It's something that you need to keep an eye on yourself.

Blowing out air that is not as cold as it once was.

Taking an increasingly long time to reach a cold temperature.

Giving off any strange odours


It may be time to book your car in for one of our trained technicians to have a look at.

Experts recommend that you run your air conditioning at least once a week (even in winter) for around 10 minutes to maintain the pressure in your unit. Another tip is to every once in while run the unit at its lowest temperature and on full fan speed. This will clear any moisture which could have a damaging effect and cause the system to give off a damp smell.


At the Citroen Car Centre, we recommend that for optimal performance an air con re-gas should be carried out every 18-24 months. Our expert staff are experienced not only in systems from Citroen, but all other makes and models too. We cover the whole of the Hampshire and Surrey area, and can re-gas most cars in around 1 hour.


We'll give your car an honest assessment and openly discuss any work before carrying it out, so there are no nasty surprises.

Air conditioning re-gas

How do I know if my air con needs attention?

Can I do anything to extend the life of my air conditioning?

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